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I thought I would start with the activities that some adults and the kids did during the week. We had a Cabo Villas V.I.P. card and as you can see it saved us quite a bit of money. It also shows most of the activities are overpriced. You should negotiate with these people at the beach whenever possible. Get their quoted price, then offer them about 80% of it. You should get at least a 10% discount with some negotiation. If the first one won’t give you a discount, go to the next one. There are lots of choices on the beach.

  • Waverunners ½ hr double

    • Quoted price-$45

    • Our price-$28 (total)

  • Waverunners 1 hr double

    • Quoted price-$90

    • Our price-$56 (total)

  • Parasailing

    • Quoted price-$40

    • Our price-$24 (each)

  • Banana Boat ride

    • Quoted price-$15

    • We paid-$12 (each; not on VIP)

  • Sea-Trek

    • Quoted price-$80

    • Our price-$60 (each)

    • Leave from marina to the reef, actual dive time with helmet and air hose 40-45 minutes, total time for the activity, approximately 3 hours

  • Cabo Karting Center, minimum height 4 ft. 8 inches, 14 laps up to 45 mph

    • $29 per driver

    • This activity was not on our V.I.P. price list

THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2008:

We got up at 4 a.m. in Atlanta and flew to Dallas and met Randy and Cindy at DFW. The four of us arrived at the San Jose airport around noon. Customs was a breeze, no red light/green light and not much pestering from the sharks. The Baja Ground Services driver, Armando was right up front with my name in large letters on a sign. Rafael, his supervisor was also there to make sure everything went properly. That was a little unusual and we were told that Carlos (our contact for Baja in the USA) wanted to ensure our satisfaction with their services.  Once in the large white air conditioned van, we made a quick stop for some Pacificos and went on to Siesta Suites. A little guy not much bigger than the luggage, carried both of Randy’s bags up the four flights of stairs to the penthouse. Impressive! We stayed at the end of the second floor. The room was fine for two days except they don’t provide shampoo. I made the climb to the penthouse twice and took pictures. The climb is not that bad, just a little scary in the winding tight steps at the top.

Then it was off to Gordo’s for excellent carne asada tacos for lunch (4 for $6) and margaritas (good), from a new bar across the street down another clothing aisle. They also sell tacos.  Gordo told Randy that place was now a competitor.

After lunch and two performances by Gordo that I videoed, we walked over and spent some time at Rip’s bar. We had a round of the famous rainbow shots and some margaritas. The rainbow shots were too fruity for our taste and we stayed with the margaritas. Next we walked to Monkey Business and spent too long there drinking his freshly made margaritas. We disagree on the bartender’s name. I say it was Raoul and Lena said it was Victor. There is some memory loss at this point.

We walked to the Tesoro Hotel and saw the photography exhibit and made our way to Solomon’s for rest, water ,and pina coladas before our dinner reservation on the Sunrider. We walked over to the Sunrider and it was so hot and the line was so long that after some “heated” discussion (pun intended), we gave up that idea. I was basically through for the day back at Monkey Business!

We went back to Siesta Suites for an early end to a long day. Randy and Cindy ended up at Pancho’s. Cindy had the chile rellenos and Randy had the mesquite grilled ribs. Cindy said the chile rellenos were the best she ever had and enjoyed tasting Randy’s ribs also. Pancho’s chile rellenos have won a lot of “best” awards.

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008:

We got up early and went walking to find a pharmacia to get some shampoo. We walked all over the west side of town and found one next to the Corner Café. Since we were close we went to breakfast at Lolita’s. It was before 7 a.m., but they said they would serve us. I had their chilequillas with carne asada and two eggs over easy. Lena had beef machaca and eggs. My meal was average at best and Lena’s machaca was much too salty. We walked back to Siesta Suites to wait for Crazy Lobster to open at 8:00 am for bloody marys.

The four of us went to Crazy lobster and spent a couple of hours with bloody marys (2 for $4.50 8 a.m.-6 p.m.) and screwdrivers. We renewed our acquaintance with Luiz from January 2007. He is more manager now than bartender.

We walked to the mall and shopped for awhile. We spent some time in the Tommy Bahama store. And, I bought two bottles of wine for the Cabo Villas Beach Resort reservationists (Karla Acuna and Paola Hernandez) to go with the two thank you cards I had brought with me. They answered countless e-mails from me in the six months before our arrival. They also did their very best to provide us with the rooms we had requested. No one had any complaints on their rooms, except for my no hot water from time to time complaint. We walked over to the resort from the mall and I met with Karla for a few minutes and gave her the thank you gifts.

Baja Cantina Beachside

Then it was down to the bottom of Cabo Villas Beach Resort to the Baja Cantina Beach Bar. We met Alberto (the Great) or “Jackie Chan” as Randy called him (looks kind of like him). Our lunch was 6 separate orders from the Sushi bar and drinks. This is when we resurrected the item Randy and I liked so much from January 2007. This was the spicy Chile Gueritos described in the Trip Highlights. We spent two to three hours here. I took the time to investigate and take pictures of the three little stores just a few steps to the east on the road to the beach while we were there.

Convenience Stores

These are the pictures of the little stores. The store closest to the beach is “Jugos & Licuados” or Juice and Smoothies, even though their sign says “Smothies”. They have breakfast, sandwiches, and main dishes like chicken fried steak. We didn’t try this place, probably because every time we were around there, this place didn’t have much business.

The next store is Los Colorine’s “Tacos Y Tortas”. We called it the “middle store”. It was the busiest of the two food stores. It got lots of locals at meal times. Our group bought food here several times. Their menu was more tacos than the first store and the Cuban sandwiches were very good and their prices were lower. One day at the upper pool, Brett bought tacos (more than one for 8 adults and three children), one Cuban sandwich, soft drinks, and water for $41. It took four adults to carry it all to the pool.

The third store up from the beach is mostly an all liquid store. It is a minisuper “La Playita”. They have several sizes and kinds of water at $.80 for a small bottle. They have several brands of very cold beer. Pacifico is $1.10 and Bud and Bud Light is $1.50 for regular size bottles. I didn’t ever buy a six-pack, so I don’t know if there is a price break.

We took a taxi back to Siesta Suites to get ready for dinner at La Fonda. We stopped at the bar at Salvatore’s for a few drinks, Osso Bucco info, and the unbelievable lasagna appetizer (see Trip Highlights for the story). This was the second best meal to Salvatore’s.

La Fonda

We arrived early around 6 p.m. without a reservation and the head waiter seated us right next to the restaurant's closed-in bar area. He must have had a premonition! After their small free appetizers, Randy and I had a small bowl of their green pozole. For drinks we had palomas, margaritas, screwdrivers, and a martini. After that Lena and I switched to the Cabo Rosa since it looked so good in their drink menu. It was excellent and we had several. Their Cabo Rosa is made with vodka, Crema de coco, Granadina, Jugo de pina, and limon, blended to a silky velvet smoothness, and garnished with a cherry and a slice of lime. An interesting aside, Lena noticed the restaurant bartender straw tested every blended drink she made. For entrees we had: Cream of Poblano soup, two Chicken Sopes, Pork Shank, and whatever Randy had (that ole memory problem has recurred!).

It wouldn’t be fair to reveal the cost of this meal even if I knew what it was (Randy had insisted for several weeks that he was going to buy this meal) since we were all determined to splurge on this particular meal on this night. We skipped dessert. The lasagna appetizer we had earlier from Matt at Salvatore’s ended any thoughts of dessert. We went back to Siesta Suites and ended the day.  Randy and Cindy stopped by Salvatore’s for a night cap and met Tim, Matt’s dad, that evening.

Updated 07/29/08