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SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2008:

I forgot to mention on the way into Cabo after we stopped for Pacificos, we forgot to get an opener. So Armando, our driver says give them to me and I’ll open them. He then proceeded to open the bottle with the seat belt. We all tried this little trick and couldn’t do it. A fine example of the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention!

Saturday, July 12, it was back to Crazy Lobster early for bloody marys and screwdrivers. We decided on Pancho’s for breakfast. Since I hadn’t tried the chile rellenos yet, I had them with eggs and carne asada. The other meals were pozole, chile rellenos and eggs, and huevos rancheros, some guacamole, one beer and five gin fizzes. The bill was $84.76. Their chile rellenos are very good. We went back to Crazy Lobster and hung out for awhile. Then to Siesta Suites, packed, checked out, and took a taxi to Cabo Villas Beach Resort.

The bellmen (special thanks to Bernard for his assistance) marked and stored our luggage until we could check-in later. We went to the front desk and then the check-in area downstairs in the glassed in “hospitality” area, and signed all the check-in paperwork, but found it would be mid afternoon before we could physically check-in. We then migrated to the beach bar. The ever present Eddie found me. He is a persistent semi-free lance person employed to convince guests to either attend the “member updates” if you are an owner or attend the timeshare presentations if you are a guest. I finally relented for a one hundred dollar credit at the Baja Cantina and a V.I.P. card, but I put off the member update until Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.

The Oklahoma group, Bill, Wayne, (Lena’s father and brother) and Kristie arrived first. The Texas group, Mark, Kassie, Tyler, (my son and two grandchildren) and Ty (Tyler’s friend) came in next. They checked their luggage at the front. We got them signed in at the hospitality area. Everyone now in had lunch at Baja Cantina and I just had the very spicy Chile Gueritos again, because I knew what was to come later. Brett, Kara, and Rylin (son-in-law, daughter, and new grandbaby) came in three hours later. Everyone got their rooms and settled in mid to late afternoon. 

Thanks to Fredrico (spelling?) we were able to handle all the paperwork and get keys for all the rooms when we first arrived although the rooms were not ready yet.  When each party arrived later on, we took them to the glassed in area where they provided credit cards and signatures to authorize room charges.  Fredrico checked with Lena several times during the day to update her on when the rooms would be ready.

We took two taxis to Salvatore’s. The cost was $10 each way per taxi. Matt had the upper deck set up for 14 with fans. He set baby Rylin up with a booster seat and tied her in with an apron. This was obviously not his first rodeo. Then it was the wonderful Osso Bucco special night and other delicious meals. Randy announced the “Kahuna” event for Monday and also picked up the tab, then it was back to Cabo Villas. This evening is mostly covered in the highlights.

SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2008: 

Everyone did something different for breakfast this morning.  The first four in Cabo went to The Office for breakfast. I had their red chilequillas, carne asada, and eggs.  Lena had the “jamon de caballero”, corn tortilla, covered with thin slice of ham and egg on top of ham, green chilequillas, and beans. Randy had the red and green chilequillas, chicken, and eggs, and Cindy had a Mexican omelet. This was accompanied with bloody marys, screwdrivers, and sangrias.

Most of this day was spent relaxing and sunning at the pool. We got to know Jesus at the swim up bar also. The kids and three of the adults rode wave runners double for quite awhile in the middle of the day. In the late afternoon part of the group went to the marina in front of the Tesoro Hotel for a preliminary look on board the Kahuna. Randy, Mark, and Bill took the opportunity to finalize Monday charter details.

La Golondrina

In the evening, all 14 were off to our reservation at La Golondrina for the lobster feast. We had 12 lobster or lobster combination dinners and one bbq chicken dinner. Many in our group had been here before and believe it is the best lobster restaurant in Cabo. I would have to agree and the portions are large, but it is VERY expensive. For dessert we had the caramel covered flan and carrot cake. Everyone agreed the flan was excellent. I would say it is the best I have ever had. Bill had made it very clear that he was buying and would not listen to any argument. The bill for the food was $979.90 and the drinks were $127.70. There was a 15% tip automatically added to the totals. After dinner, several in the group took advantage of City Club being right next door and went shopping for items for the rest of the week.

MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008:

KAHUNA DAY! We left in two taxis a little after 6 a.m. and got to the yacht before the 6:30 a.m. designated departure time. The chef, Marcello was busy early preparing a large fruit medley. Next came fresh fish burritos and tacos. Later came the cream cheese and other cheese loaf with crackers for a snack. Next was shrimp with his special dipping sauce, salsa, and a very thin tuna dip that had outstanding flavor. Then came his special crab cakes (croquetes cangejo) with another special sauce (salsa para croquetes de cangejo). We all loved the sauce for the crab cakes. I was able to talk him into the recipes for the crab cake sauce, the crab cakes, and my favorite, the tuna dip. However, they are in Spanish and it will take a little doing to translate them. Maria assisted the chef and provided all kinds of beverages from dawn until back in the marina. Marcello took the first fish that was caught and grilled tuna steaks for everyone with tartar sauce on the side. So everyone had a classic, freshly caught tuna steak for lunch!

You can tell from the pictures the fishing equipment was new and outstanding and kept under glass until it was time to fish. We got our first bite at 8:25 a.m. and lost whatever it was. Everyone drifted away from the back for awhile. Then around 9 a.m., Brett, who had been up top the whole morning, came strolling down to the back and "bang" a fish hit. Miguel handed Brett the line, and so Brett, who was the closest, brought in the first tuna at 9:05 a.m. Miguel filleted the tuna for Marcello for our lunch as mentioned. Then it was dead again for over an hour and people just practiced sitting in the fishing chair.

At about 10:20 a.m., there were quite a few people in the fishing area making superstition movements [hats backward ("rally caps"), weird fish songs ("here fishy, fishy, fishy"), etc.], trying to entice fish to the lines. Then it happened! Three fish hit at the same time and the chaos began. Of course, Brett just happened to be strolling by again and got one of the lines. Tyler, who happened to be in the chair, got one of the lines, and Ty got the third line. All three brought a fish in. Ty won the prize for the largest fish, and Brett for the most.

That was it for the day. Miguel filleted the three tuna for us to take back to the Baja Cantina for dinner later. We purposely had Brett stroll by a few more times, but the ploy didn’t work, the fish were through with us. Captain Juan Carlos and a few others did spot a marlin and Juan tried to maneuver the yacht into position, but it didn’t work. I think someone in the group got a picture of the marlin’s tail. We’ll see when I get their pictures.

On the way back in, Juan slowed near The Arch and Lover’s Beach so all could get some photographs. We got back in the marina about 2:40 pm. We then left for Cabo Villas. We cleaned up and gathered at the Baja Cantina Bar a little later.

While we were gathered, someone asked Tyler what he thought of the temperature that day while we were on the yacht. Tyler said, "Well, I sure yachted up a sweat!".  Everyone got a kick out of that.  Mark talked to the chef at Baja Cantina, and he said he would cook the tuna three ways, grilled with butter and garlic, blackened, and lightly coconut tempura battered for $10 per filet with one side dish (NOT $10 per plate). Mark surveyed everyone and only six decided on the tuna and all six chose french fries. Mark gave him one third of the fish and refrigerated the rest. I was one of the six and I thought the coconut battered tuna steak was excellent!

TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2008:

This was Randy’s last day and he wanted to buy the original four breakfast again at The Office. I said fine, but you’re not going to buy your last dinner tonight and you pick the place. Then we were off to The Office again. We had red & green chilequillas, jamon & huevos a caballero, large bowl of fruit with yogurt, and ham, egg, cheese sandwich, bloody mary, and 3 screwdrivers. The bill was $62.50.

The morning was spent shopping with the in-laws and the grandchildren in the mall. After my contribution, I left and told everyone I would wait for them at the Love Shack. When everyone got back together, we walked to Las Gardenias for lunch. I had three tacos, cochinita (bbq pork), barbacoa (bbq beef), and chicharron (pork rind), and two beers. The tacos were $1.80 each and beer was $3.00. The tacos were very good even though I added one of their dark peppers from one of the little bowls, which was very hot. In the afternoon, we wandered around Cabo Villas and Wayne and I spent some time drinking beer at the Sunset Grill on the top of Cabo Villas and just enjoying the view. Later I went down to the beach to film the exciting banana boat ride.

Randy picked Salvatore’s for his last meal. The group all contributed and Randy and Cindy had their going away dinner. Matt set us up again in the upper deck with two fans this time. The meal, drinks, and desserts (tiramisu and chocolate flan) for 14 was wonderful again as described in the highlights. The bill for this meal was $465. We gave Matt $600. It was worth every dollar!! We had a few nightcaps at the Baja Cantina Beach bar and called it a night. 


Wednesday through Saturday (July 16 - 19) will end the report for this wonderful vacation!  Should be up before the weekend.

Updated 07/30/08