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CABO SAN LUCAS TRIP REPORT, Part Three (final installment)


Randy and Cindy left at 6 a.m. They arranged for a taxi the day before. But, at 6 a.m., a Baja Ground Services driver was there with his white van. We still don’t know how or why that happened,

Lena and I went to the “member update” meeting at 8:30 a.m. It turned out to be informative and professional, thanks to Richard Espius. We ended up buying an upgrade to a 2BR unit in building # one with two balconies that overlooks the spa. I don’t think they will ever build in front of this unit. We have a new 30 yr RTU contract with the accelerator clause and a two year membership to RCI. This allows us to exchange the unit, if we ever want to. I paid my maintenance fee for 2009 and put in my request with Karla for a 6th floor unit for the September 12 week next year. When we come in early next year I think we may stay at the Casa Raphael since it is right next door to Cabo Villas.

While we were doing this, it was parasailing morning for the kids. Mark went on some of the doubles and took pictures while parasailing. We will add those pictures to our website when we receive them. For lunch several of us had the next 1/3 of the tuna prepared mostly with the coconut batter again. Most of the afternoon was spent at the pool.

In the evening part of the group went to El Pescador and four of us went to Guacamayas on north Morelos street, on the east side of the street on a corner. I asked a few taxi drivers earlier if they knew where it was and they all did. The general consensus I got from the El Pescador group was the meal was OK, and you get what you pay for. They, of course, had been spoiled by the lobster at La Golondrina the previous Sunday. At Guacamayas we had one “que me ves” $9, 6 tacos (marinated pork and pork shoulder) $1.30 each, and one quesadilla $2.50. For drinks we had several beers and 7 margaritas. The bill was about $80 and Wayne picked up the tab. The food quality was very good and the food prices are low as you can see on the menu.  Here is the menu:


We ordered 8 of their t-shirts (M, L, XL only) for $80. They had to get them from their San Jose restaurant, so we scheduled to pick them up Thursday night. The shirts are nothing special, just the restaurant name and a picture of two parrots. A picture of the t-shirts is at the bottom of this picture page:


We took a cab back to the mall and went to Senor Sweets for tiramisu and tres leche cake. While we were at Senor Sweets the other part of our group was at Haagen-Dazs. Then it was back to the resort for the evening.

THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2008:

I spent time early with Alberto and we perfected his New Orleans Gin fizzes. See details in the highlights. Mark, Brett, and the kids left at 9:00 a.m. for the marina to do the Sea-Trek underwater adventure. The rest of the group pooled it. When Brett got back and everyone was at the top pool, he and two others went to the middle store at the side of the resort and brought back lunch, sodas, and bottled water. There were plenty of tacos, at least two for everyone, and a Cuban sandwich. The bill was $41.

In the evening, nine of us went to Los Michoacanos on Leona Vicario North on the west side of the street for our carnitas feast. This taxi driver stumbled with a couple of wrong turns, but found it. I had never ordered by kilo before so I guessed at 2 kilos ($24 per kilo). This includes all the fixin's. We had water, sodas, and a few beers also. The carnitas were very good and so was the service. There was a good four or five meals left so the guess was ok. They must get a lot of take home requests, because when I asked they were right there, and filled the boxes with carnitas and all the fixin's we wanted. I took this leftover box back to my refrigerator. The bill was $72. Pictures of us and the feast are on this page:


We walked from there four and ½ blocks north and one block west to Guacamayas to pick up and pay for our t-shirts. Then it was to Senor Sweets again.

Brett, Kara and Rylin went to La Fonda for dinner. One of the entrees was the stuffed Sea Bass. They said the food was excellent. Their meal with drinks was under $100 including tip.

FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2008:

It was pool day again in the morning on our final full day. In the late morning, several of us had breakfast at the Sunset Grill. It was very good and reasonably priced. Earlier in the week Brett and Kara had breakfast here and recommended it to us.

Mark, Brett, the kids, and I took off early afternoon for the Cabo Karting Center. I thought the price, $29 per driver for 14 laps, was very reasonable. They spend time with you before letting you in the cars and out on the track, explaining the safety rules and driving instructions. Then two or three guys are out on the track during the races to monitor all the activity. I would consider Tyler the racing winner over Mark and Brett, when the three of them raced. Kassie, who naturally started out a little tentative, by the third round was racing right with the boys!  I think the kids rated this their top activity, waverunners second, parasailing third and Sea-Trek fourth.

In the evening, the beef hungry went to Ruth’s Chris, and Lena went along to see if the Osso Bucco Ravioli were as good as we had in Florida. They weren’t, ok but not as good. They didn’t have any sauce with them. Brett, Kara and Rylin went to Senor Sweets for dinner. Mark and the kids had leftovers. And, I had a solo leftover carnitas feast in the room. Later we all went to the beach and stood and watched the beginning of the Full Moon Festival that Cabo Villas put on from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. They had sold out the tables to over 400 earlier in the week. There wasn’t any place to sit so we had to stand. I didn’t realize it was such a big deal or we would have reserved a table for our last night. Then we ended the evening.

SATURDAY, JULY 19, 2008:

Check out was a breeze. It was quick and no pain. We all had $15 per person taxis scheduled from Friday at the front desk. Mark and the kids' return flight was no problem, but when he got to his truck in Houston, the battery was dead. Our flight was delayed an hour and we missed our connection to Atlanta. After a 3 hour layover in DFW, we arrived in Atlanta at 1:00 a.m. We waited for an hour for the Holiday Inn shuttle and got to bed about 2:30 a.m. Rylin’s ears were bothering her and she cried almost the whole two hour flight to L.A. and then the two hour flight to Reno. Kara said; “If those planes would have had an eject button with the name Rylin on it, everyone on the plane would have pushed it!” She now (tongue in cheek) says she has PTSD from flying with Rylin. Well, she better get over it, because we are going to meet them in Scottsdale, Arizona for a week in October!

Updated 08/15/08