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Trip Report, Week at Cabo Villas 4/18 – 4/25

HH, Randy, & Jimmy (first trip), now called Baja Jimmy


Pictures: 265 pictures & 4 movies total (link)

CVBR 2BR EX. Room details: quite a few

Baja Cantina Beach Bar and Restaurant Sushi: many

Greg Norman’s Yacht

Art & Beer: 14

Hotel California: 21

Cerritos Beach and Beach Bar & Restaurant with menu: 20

The Office Restaurant & grapefruit martinis: 10

Cabo Villas Spa inside: 13

Patagonia’s and Vacio prep & grilling: 14

Salvatore’s & Lasagna: 10

Billygan’s “Shake your Booty” contest (2) movies. 1 min. mv. & 30 sec. mv.


We met at Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas Friday night for dinner to get the trip started. We flew out of Dallas Saturday morning. Brett Hull and his wife were sitting behind us and the two young women that were putting on the National Celebrity Golf and Charity event Saturday, April 25 were sitting in front of us. We unfortunately had to miss the concert at the Cabo Villas Resort where we were staying. They were putting on the concert with the Doobie Brothers and the U2 band and others Saturday night April 25.


We rented a Dodge Avenger for the week from Alamo for $342. We picked that up and drove in to the Crazy Lobster. We walked from there to Salvatore’s and made reservations with Matt for 8:00 pm. Maria checked us in at Cabo Villas about 4 pm, in a 2BR Executive suite (305 & 306) and efficiently handled all of our entry paperwork. Then we visited the Baja Cantina Beach bar for a short period of time before going to Salvatore’s for the Osso Bucco special. It was another great meal.


Sunday we had a marathon at the Baja Cantina beach bar from 8 am to the afternoon. Alberto, our favorite bartender was late, so we started without him with bloody marys. When he arrived I gave him the celery salt I brought for him since he didn’t have any last summer. But, he had obtained a large quantity of sol apio right after I left. After the bloody marys for drinks we had #8s ( Alberto and my version of the Ramos Gin Fizz without the orange flower water), sunshines, chocolate cakes, jagermeister bombs, and clementinos. For breakfast brunch during the morning we had several sushi items. Tania, the sushi chef made us Chiles Guerito 95 pesos, Sashimi Palmitas 160 pesos, Ceviche 160 pesos. For traditional Mexican food, we had pico de gallo, salsa verde, molcajate (cooked red chile sauce), and Arrachera burritos with all the previous sauces and guacamole on the side. After some of all of the above I can’t say for sure what was the best, but it was all very good (I think!!!). And, unfortunately in our enthusiasm, the fact that the all day 2 for 1 happy hour only covers standard bar drinks, was flagrantly neglected and our bill reached a record height!!!! We were a little more careful in the following days!!!

After a siesta we went to Pancho’s. Randy and I were kind of on a “Finding the best Arrachera mission” and discovering the secret of cooking it on this trip. We tried carne asada (their version of the Arrachera steak) and the mesquite grilled ribs. The ribs were excellent and we rated their carne asada #4 (good, but there is better).


Monday, it was bloody marys, the pool, and a massage at the Cabo Villas Spa. Late afternoon Jimmy went with a group to the Sandbar and Randy and I went to La Fonda. We split a bowl of Poblano soup and a bowl of Pozole Verde. Then we split an order of their version of the Arrachera steak. It is the “Strip Steak” on their menu. With four drinks (2 Cabo Rosas, 2 vodka, soda, & cranberry) the check was $53. All three menus items were EXCELLENT!! We rated their strip steak tied for #2. Then we found the Princesca Panaderia. From La Fonda, 3 blocks north and 2 blocks to the right on the right. We bought a “complete Flan order” (SUPER), a loaf of banana bread (OK), 4 pastries, and 2 pints of milk.


Tuesday after breakfast at Crazy Lobster we drove to Todos Santos. We stopped at ART and BEER, MM65 which was 45 minutes from the main intersection on the north side of CSL. We had a bloody mary, screwdriver, and a Pacifico. We got three free beers to go when we left as advertised. We saw the entrance to Cerritos Beach (the GOOD road in) just past MM67 where the sign with the bikini girl is. The other road into the beach just a little further up is horrible. We stopped there on the way back. It is a very nice clean beach with a bar and restaurant. We split a quesadilla camaron $14 which was very good and had several Pacificos for $3 each. Oscar let me take pictures of the menu. We found out later they have a van that will come into CSL, pick you up and take you back. They also have a website (www.cerritosbcs.com) for more details. Todos Santos was a little disappointing as a great carnitas spot on the left on the way in (Barajas Tacos) was closed on Tuesday. Half of Tequila Sunrise has been chopped off and made into a mall of small shops and the bar is very small now and Mr. Margarita wasn’t there. We had some drinks in the Hotel California bar and I took some pictures inside. I wasn’t able to take pictures the last time I was there due to some special celebrities being in the Hotel.

On the way back we planned on having a few appetizers at Mariscos Tres Las Isla and Michaocano’s. After circling the area a few times we parked in Mariscos Mazatlan’s parking lot and walked two blocks north to Tres las Islas. We had the smoked tuna appetizer, seafood soup, and shrimp cocktails and bottled water. It was good and very reasonably priced. Randy rated it very good. He is more of a seafood person than I am. We were too full to try the carnitas at Michaocano’s, so we didn’t make their restaurant and didn’t have any carnitas this trip. Several people told us since we parked in Mariscos Mazatlan’s parking lot; we should have gone in and tried it since it is good also. Maybe we will try it next time in our upcoming trip this year in mid September.


Wednesday we did the early morning Cabo Villas “member update”. Eddie got Randy and Jimmy very good gifts for attending with me. I got Richard Espuis (who has an intelligent approach to this kind of event) again and he did provide me with some good new information for the future. We did some shopping, hit Cabo Wabo, Rips, and then Gordo Lele’s new spot for lunch. It was very good as always and crowded. We had three carne asada tacos, two tortas, and Pacificos out of his refrigerator. That was new. He has beer now! We walked to and shopped some more in the mall and tried the remodeled Senor Sweets. That evening it was back to Salvatore’s. We had the Mista salad split three ways. Jimmy and I split the lasagna and Randy had the rigatoni. With three drinks and three bottles of water the bill was $66.


Thursday we finally made The Office for breakfast after planning to go several times. Two orders of Arrachera con juevos $135 pesos each and one order of chilaquiles pollo con juevos $135 pesos was consumed. We rated their Arrachera tied for #2 with La Fonda. The #2’s had excellent flavor and were very tender, and we ordered both medium rare. We also had several Grey Goose grapefruit martinis $115 pesos each. Even though a little pricey it was an excellent breakfast!!!

Randy and I had another massage at the Cabo Villas Spa for $70 each. We spent the rest of the day at the beach, then cleaned up and went to Patagonia’s Steak Restaurant in the early evening. We started with Bacardi and diet coke drinks, 3 bottles of water, turnovers for appetizers and their standard mixed salad with blue cheese. Jimmy had the Pepper Filet medium with spicy creamed potatoes and Randy and I each ordered the Vacio medium rare with grilled potatoes.

The Vacio is their version of the Arrachera steak and is $121 pesos. We rated this steak the #1 Arrachera on this trip. It had an EXCELLENT grilled flavor, and was tender and juicy. We watched Javier do the preparation. He used in butcher terms an inside prime flank. He removed the skin on each side and then put it on the grill with the filet that was already cooking. We asked if he used any seasonings and he said no, except for this. He reached into a bowl of rock salt and threw a partial handful AT the Vacio. And that was it for seasoning. It cooked for 11 minutes over the indirect heat from the lump black hot charcoal (see pictures). Then he turned it and moved the end that was away from the fire, closer to the fire. Then he cooked it for another 11 minutes and served it. He grilled the potato pieces during this process. Each steak is grilled to order, so plan on waiting a little for it. The Vacio took about 25 or 26 minutes from the order to the waiter until the serving. Randy and I should have split one order, because neither one of us finished our order. And Jimmy didn’t finish his filet either, since it was so large. His filet was great also, as we had a bite. We had a go box to take back to Cabo Villas. Fredrico, the General Manager at Cabo Villas advised us to go early because sometimes the restaurant runs out of the Vacio later in the evening, since it is their most popular steak.


Friday, it was Lolita’s for breakfast. Two large glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice, three bottles of water, fresh hot toasted bread, bacon & eggs, ham & eggs, and a bowl of pozole for $23. We walked to The Tesoro and went through the photography exhibit and then to the Baja Cantina Dockside for an iced tea break. We ran into Matt and his girlfriend having breakfast. He was aware we had another reservation at Salvatore’s for our last night. We walked just past the Dairy Queen and saw a little store that all they sold was “Baja Jimmy” shirts. So, naturally we had to stop and get Jimmy two of them. Now Jimmy has a new name! We then had an excellent lunch at the Sunset Grill at the top of Cabo Villas. It was guacamole, pico, chopped jalapenos and chips for an appetizer, 3 iced teas, mixed salad, BLT, bacon cheeseburger, taco seafood sunset combo for $37. Then it was the beach, Baja Cantina, a Jet Ski ride for Jimmy and get ready for the finale at Salvatore’s. We had the Mista salad again split three ways. Jimmy and I split the lasagna and almost finished it again. Randy had a special seafood combination. It was great again, of course! Back at Cabo Villas we closed out our bills for the week and packed to leave at 6 am.

The management at Cabo Villas, primarily Fredrico and Maria Lopez run a great organized, clean, and fun resort and know how to take care of their guests. Cabo Villas now has their T-shirts, hats, and visors for purchase as Fredrico promised during our last visit. Just ask for Gloria. The people at the Baja Cantina Beach Bar and Restaurant, namely Alberto, Tania, Alphonso, and Denise are very friendly, helpful, and provide great service to the guests of Cabo Villas Beach Resort!!

Cabo Villas construction update: There is no construction going on inside the resort at the present. The cement road to the east of the resort which goes from the top of the hill down to Billygan’s and the other bars/restaurants is complete. Some people call this a Miracle! There is some minor concrete work still going on to fill in the sides which will make it very easy and safe to get to and in the three little stores (which we used quite a lot due to their low prices, especially for bottled water) at the side and bottom of the street. This new road will not be for public vehicles. Only taxis and delivery trucks will be able to use this new street to get to the beach bars/restaurants. I’m sure construction will be going on outside the top of the resort to improve the Cabo Villas parking where it is difficult to maneuver at the present time. However, there is future construction planned for inside the resort, but I don’t know their timetable.

Updated 04/26/09