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Pictures and trip report 9/11 through 9/19, 2009

 232 Pictures:

We got off to an inauspicious start when AA cancelled late Thursday night our early Friday morning JAX to DFW flight. After a long phone battle, AA got us on an early Delta flight that made our Friday morning AA connection in Dallas. We met six of our group in Dallas and landed at SJD at 11:10 am. Baja Ground Services met our group of eight in a large van and we checked in at Siesta Suites for one night. We made reservations with Matt for an early evening meal at Salvatore’s. We enjoyed lasagna, salads, and one seafood meal.

We ran into Matt again early in the afternoon having lunch at the new Cabo Pig Roasters bbq spot. Some of our group tried it later in the week and thought it was just average at best. The bbq joint was out of several items, including chicken and tortillas. No one liked their sauce. However, the ones that tried the ribs thought they were good. But, the next time they would order the sauce on the side.

Saturday morning we went for a bloody mary and breakfast at Crazy Lobster (closed), and then Pancho’s (closed), and Spencer’s in Mar de Cortez Hotel (closed). Then we gave up and went to Lolita’s for breakfast. When we got back to Siesta Suites, I saw Ron at Salvatore’s and he had the morning prep chef make us bloody marys. Thanks Ron, they were very good!

We left mid-morning for Cabo Villas Beach Resort and left our luggage in their storage room to check-in later. Then it was breakfast and drinks at Baja Cantina Beach while we waited for the rest of our group to arrive. Four used Baja Ground Services and Mark used Arturo. Our group of thirteen was now all here. We had five new to CSL, Carla and Joann from Waco, Tx. and the Wilkinson’s, Art, Saundra, and Ian from McAlester, Oklahoma. The rest, Randy, Jimmy, Mark, Wayne, Kristie, Bill, Lena, and I have been here several times. Some in the group went to City Club for snack items and bottled water. I brought Alberto two small bottles of Orange Flower Water, so he could make a Ramos Gin Fizz to the original recipe. He did and they were great! We now order this drink as a “Number 11” (from Alberto only); the other bartenders don’t know how to make it. We sampled several orders of Tanya’s excellent Chile Guerito’s also. In the evening for some it was the Baja Brewing Co. (everyone thought the pizzas were very good) and for others Baja Cantina Beach for dinner (carne asada burritos). Randy and Jimmy went to Salvatore’s and brought the girls back lasagna and a seafood pasta dish.

Sunday morning we gathered and walked to The Office for breakfast (closed). Plan B took us to Los Ajos, where we had a good value breakfast (buffet and menu in pictures). Sunday night the entire group went to Maria Corona’s (pictures). We had mixed reviews on the food, most just average or lower. However, the service and the margaritas were very good.

Monday night most of the group went to La Fonda. The meals there were very good as were the frozen Cabo Rosa drinks. Several times during the week we tried Gordo, but he was closed also. Monday and Thursday several in our group went parasailing arranged by Santiago.

Tuesday morning early eight went fishing (half day) with Silverado ($1054 total including food, 40 Pacificos, plenty of bottled water & license). We had one bite and caught one Dorado. We tipped 22%. However, there was enough to feed fifteen for lunch Wednesday at Baja Cantina Beach. 80% was coconut battered and 20% was grilled with garlic and butter, with salad, beans, and rice ($9/person).

Wednesday, Santiago (on the beach in front of Baja Cantina) got two of our group Juan Iglesias’s panga for $100 each for Thursday at 6:30 am. In one and a half hours they caught nine Dorado and three Tuna. We had the same meal Thursday for lunch and the two lucky fishermen gave away the balance of the fish to several employees. You win sometimes and you lose sometimes. Tuesday evening some went to the Mexican Fiesta on the beach. There were only four items on the menu and they were $48 and up, and the steak and lobster combination was $65. I’m glad I passed on that one! Jimmy and Joann went to Patagonia’s and had excellent filets. Javier told them they would be closed the rest of the week. Jimmy told Javier our whole group of 13 wanted to go for steaks. He said if we made a reservation he would open up one night for us. So, Jimmy made a reservation for 6 pm on Friday for our group on our last night. I had half of a poblana torta for dinner. I didn’t know Jimmy was going to Patagonia’s or I would have gone with him!

We all frequented Los Colorines, aka “Tacos & Tortas” (9 pictures of their menu and menu board), the little store/food stand on the beach street side of Cabo Villas Beach Resort, several times during the week for tortas, tacos and snacks. My favorites are the “Cubana” ($5) and “Poblana” ($6) tortas. They are very good and large enough to easily make two meals each. All in our group took the member update tour after we negotiated a coupon for “four days and three nights” to use any time in the future for everyone/or family. This coupon can be used with and extending by half, the daily rack rate for a weeks vacation. Everyone/or family also received a $100 coupon for food or drinks at Baja Cantina Beach.

Wednesday four of the group took a trip to Todos Santos using one of Arturo’s drivers. They stopped at Art & Beer (of course), and Las Barraja’s for carnitas, a must stop for carnitas on the way in to Todos Santos. They shopped, drank margaritas with Mr. Margarita at Tequila Sunrise and stopped at Cerritos Beach on the way back. Wednesday night six of us went back to Salvatore’s and had the short ribs and pork shank specials which Randy had arranged with Matt. They were both excellent as I had the short ribs and sampled the pork shank.

Thursday some of us had the second fish lunch at Baja Cantina Beach. Another group went to the downtown Los Michoacano’s for their carnitas fix. They ordered more carefully and didn’t have any leftovers. That was hard to believe! That evening the part of the group that always has to have their lobster fix, got some of us reservations at La Golondrina. The lobsters were good and expensive as always, but everyone agreed the portions were smaller this year. Some of us also had their excellent caramel topped flan for dessert.

Friday night we went to Patagonia’s for our last night celebration. Everyone had filets except Randy. Everyone also agreed their steaks were excellent! Randy had the six grilled meat combination. There was no way he could consume all the meat on the Argentine Oven platter on which it was served (see picture). So we all got to sample portions from his platter. Then Javier presented Randy with a duplicate Argentine Platter Oven to take home with him. I don’t know the cost or the details of that transaction!

In summary, we had a great time as always, even though it was the hottest trip to Cabo that I have been on. Some got a little puny for a short time, which I think was just due to the heat and some over indulgence. Water and lots of it, is the name of the game when it is that hot! All the closings were disappointing. That and the heat will keep me from going again in September. In the future I think we will all be using Arturo for any and all transportation, based on the outstanding service I witnessed and others personally experienced. We have already planned our next trip for July, 2010.

Updated 10/03/09