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The flights in were no problem, but we had the usual 45 minute line prior to customs. One of us got the red light, but no problems. Arturo was waiting and we took two vehicles to Cabo Villas Beach Resort (CVBR). Check-in went pretty smooth this time. After getting settled five of us went to Wal-Mart with our lists for the week. Then part of us decided to start with our favorite, Salvatore’s for our first dinner (3 porketta, one tequila shrimp and one 4 cheese ravioli). I delivered the two bottles of BBQ sauce that I had promised Tim and Matt, and we had an excellent dinner. Menu.

The kids had a full week. They, at one time or another, went banana boating, jet skiing, swam with the dolphins, took the submarine tour, and parasailed. Since Tyler is trying out for his high school golf team, he got to play Los Cabos Country Club with his dad. I went along to hold the flag, take pictures, and make occasional comments on their play! And, of course all the kids had a huge amount of pool and beach time.

It was good to find the results of another management change at Baja Cantina Beach bar and restaurant. The employees are generally happy again and the 2 for 1 happy hour is back to the original hours (8 am – 6 pm). They have also extended the happy hour on beer to 11 pm! Alberto and Tania are still there, and we had Alberto work on a cheaper version of his #11 (New Orleans Ramos Gin Fizz). The original with double shots of Tanqueray Gin is $16 and not on happy hour. The new #12 with much cheaper gin is $8. You can tell the difference, but it is good also. We now start with one #11 and then switch to #12s!

We tried four new restaurants this year, Sharky’s, Las Mariscadas, Las Flores, and Bar Esquina restaurant. Other than those, we stayed with our favorites. Salvatore’s for Italian, Patagonia’s for steaks, Los Michoacanos for carnitas, Los Colorines for breakfast, lunch or snacks, Baja Brewing for breakfast or lunch, The Office for breakfast, and Baja Cantina beach for lunch and snacks, like their special guerro guacamole and the chiles guerito!

Sharky’s sort of became our home away from home, primarily for the very customer friendly people. From the main owner Sergio, to the wait staff, bartenders, cooks, and hostess, it is a very friendly place. They want to make sure you enjoy the food, drinks and the service. Sergio has a long background of restaurant management at The Office and Baja Cantina which should make this restaurant one of the top ones in CSL!

I went in originally because I had read about the great el charro beans, and a great bloody mary, and it is less than a block from CVBR (no car or taxi required). Well, the el charro beans are excellent, and they are also complimentary with every meal. And, you can get seconds. I had Roberto the day bartender tinker with my bloody mary a little (one lime instead of two and a little more Tabasco) and then it was super for my taste!

It took me 12 pictures to get their entire menu in this report.  Menu.

There are also quite a few pictures of Sharky’s inside and out, so you can get a good feel for the restaurant.
Their menu doesn’t include their specials. One day they had a rib-eye and scampi full dinner with two sides and the complimentary beans for $25. I talked to several people and they told me the steak was very good and the scampi also. Another day he had a whole fresh snapper caught that morning in the glass case outside to be grilled. Jimmy and I had one which was excellent and we couldn’t begin to finish it, so we called my grandson and he came down and helped us finish it!

I also heard around CVBR, Sharky’s has the best tacos al pastor in town and they are $1.50 ea. That was one of the first things I tried along with two rib-eye tacos for $2.50 ea. It was a wonderful lunch with two bowls of el charro beans. The family from California eating outside in the pictures, made it very clear they are going to recommend Sharky’s to anyone who wants to find a very reasonably priced and quality value meal in Cabo San Lucas. To shorten a long story, Sharky’s will obviously go in my top 10 or 12 recommended restaurants on our website for a variety of very good reasons!

Las Mariscada’s: Three of us went here after golf. We each had three appetizers: clams raw, clams especial, smoked tuna and shrimp empanadas, and we split one order of raw oysters. They were served with plenty of very fresh and good pico and melted butter for dipping. Then 3 dinner entrees, 2 sea bass and one bacon wrapped shrimp, with bottled water and two cokes. The total price was $71. My son and grandson voted this restaurant as the number #1 on this trip. What more can I say, and the owner of my favorite steak house (Patagonia’s) was eating at the table behind us! Pictures.

Las Flores: Ten of us tried this restaurant on Friday night. The food was excellent, especially the arrachera steak. Everyone was pleased with their meal, but the arrachera steak (4 servings) was outstanding.

However, the wait was ridiculous (49 minutes: timed) and we were the only group there on a Friday night. It was also super hot, with no fans. So, go in December maybe, and plan on a long wait. But, if you don’t mind the heat and the wait, the food is great!

Bar Esquina & restaurant: Six of us tried their wood fired pizza one size only, and it was ok, $16 unless you add additional ingredients ($1.50 ea.). I saw their famous $12 caesar salad delivered to the next table. It looked great, but we didn’t try it. The décor is very nice and definitely upscale.

Patagonia’s Steak House, http://patagonia.freevar.com/menu.html
I went three times and had the “Vacio” every time ($23.50) and baked potato ($2.50) and one glass of the Malbec red house wine ($6). The “Vacio” is tender, juicy, and has an excellent flavor! I split it one time, ate it all the second time, and kept enough the third time on my last night to make four “Vacio” sandwiches with their super fresh rolls for my flight the next morning! Our group will always have the “Vacio” or the filet and usually salad and we split the grilled mixed vegetables (large $15, half $7.50)! Some may be afraid of the name (vacio), but they shouldn’t be because in my opinion it is the same beef, as a very high quality arrachera steak, and the house Malbec is excellent!

Our group went two or three times to Los Michoacanos. I went to the one north of town on “buy one get one free” Wednesday at that location. I ordered castillas for the first time per some carnitas advice I got at Baja Cantina. I think this is what JJJ prefers also. Now I can see why. They were definitely very juicy and very tender! I gave the free order to some friends at the resort!

We had several breakfasts at Los Colorines. I usually had scrambled eggs with one meat, beans and rice with a bottle of water ($4). They do have a full bar, so you can get a breakfast drink if you so desire. They have very good and low priced food here. We always support them several times each year.

We had several meals at Baja Brewing which were all good. We also spent a few mornings at The Office for breakfast and our grapefruit martini fix.

All of the group left 7/16 except me. I had a pretty quiet week. I took my “Vacio” sandwiches and left CVBR 7/23 am with Arturo. We were early so he took me on a mini restaurant tour of San Jose del Cabo. We looked in the city market which he says is a great spot for breakfast or lunch. We stopped at Zippers on the beach and took pictures. Then we went by a new one that just opened recently, Barrio de Tango, which he says is very good. The lady owner is doing very well in spite of her hidden location. Then it was by the Original Baja Brewing restaurant and on to the airport.

Updated 08/14/11