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Everyone’s tastes are different, based primarily on their lime tolerance balance. This is a review of the “best margaritas” in the Cabo San Lucas area based on personal experience and reviews from Trip Advisor. Mr. Margarita’s Award Winning Recipe is included:


  1. Tequila Sunrise in Todos Santos, Mr. Margaritas, Damiana Margarita

  2. Baja Cantina Bar & Grill, beachside, at the bottom of Cabo Villas Beach Resort (standard bar margaritas are two for one 11 am – 6 pm)

  3. Monkey Business

  4. Little bar across the street from Gordo's

  5. La Casa del Pozo, one block north of Cabo Villas Beach Resort


Tequila Sunrise (Todos Santos)

"This trip I would say the best we had was at the Baja Cantina on the beach. Last year it was in Todos Santos, Tequila Sunrise. But I agree, everyone's taste is different."  Bob

Randy and I would agree with Bob and many others who have posted on TA, regarding the excellent margaritas at Tequila Sunrise made by Mr. Margarita! That speaks well for Baja Cantina, beachside then.

Baja Cantina Bar & Grill, beachside

Their standard margarita was given words of high praise from our group this year. The blended or on the rocks tastes the same. It is a well balanced blend of sweet and lime juice. There wasn’t anyone in our group that had the bartender change any of the ingredients. However, if it isn’t quite to your liking, I am sure the bartenders will make slight changes to accommodate your tastes. The two for one from 11 am to 6 pm makes it a good value also.

Alberto, the head bartender also makes a very good bloody mary. His other breakfast drink, a New Orleans Gin Fizz is very good also. If he remembers, have him make an “ocho”, a New Orleans Gin Fizz with two shots of Tanqueray, which is excellent!

Monkey Business

"Get the 'best margarita in Cabo' for $3.00 at the Monkey Business Bar near Cabo Wabo. Victor can sell you bottles of tequila for good prices. It's a small bar among some small shops just east of Cabo Wabo & RIPS."  It doesn’t face the street, it faces the small shops and is just two or three stores from the corner.

 "I found the BEST Non-commercialized Margarita (meaning NOT made using a bottle Margarita mix) at the Monkey Bar down the block that faces Cabo Wabo. It's a small open-air bar with about 6 stools. Fernando is the daytime bartender and Victor is on at night. They make a huge (cheaply priced) Margarita using better Tequila and they make it right in front of you. It's not a fancy type place and most vacationers just pass it up, but I saw the locals hanging out there."

"Monkey Business is on Blvd. Marina, not far from Giggling Marlin. Best Margarita in Cabo. Really gives you an appreciation for the finer tequilas, if you don't already. The bartender Victor is a gas, too." 

"Monkey Business had a great miami-vice there! Half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri! The best! Mmmmmmmm!"

Little bar across the street from Gordo's

Cheeto is no longer there, but there is a small bar down a  clothing aisle that actually opens to Marina Blvd.  They had good margaritas and they sell tacos also.  Gordo told Randy the bar is his new competition.  We didn't try their tacos being loyal customers, but that is where we got the margaritas to go with Gordo's carne asada tacos.

Honorable Mentions

"La Casa del Pozo had the best margarita I've ever had!" is an opinion of one TA poster. And from another TA poster regarding La Casa del Pozo; "We love margaritas made with damiana and made sure to pick up a couple bottles of their Almond Tequila made at the restaurant before we left. We use it to make our own margaritas at home, also damiana is supposed to be the best aphrodisiac."

"My favorite "hole in the wall" is The Love Shack. They have 2X1 margaritas and daiquiris during the day."

"Terrasol Hotel. Mario the bartender was great. Best margarita in Cabo."

"We really enjoyed the ones that Fernando made for us at the Beach bar at Pueblo Bonito Rose'-- of course we had him make them with Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo Tequila-- this makes a perfect margarita-- well ok, In our eyes anyways..."

Mr. Margarita’s ( bartender at Tequila Sunrise, Todos Santos ) recipe:

wet rim of glass with key lime slice (not water)
salt rim
fill glass 3/4 with chunky ice
3 oz. El Capricho tequila
1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Damiana
4 key limes squeeze into mix (cut top off and use lime squeezer)
serve with slice of key lime on rim with straw
then say "Stir Slowly" because the drink should be full to the rim!!

El Capricho is very, very smooth, and agave based.  It is an anejo grade. It is not available in the U.S. and is sold only in Mexico. It was about $15 a bottle at a small liquor store just down the street from Cabo Wabo.


For those unfamiliar with Damiana, they have a website and Houston based distributor.  It is not available in some states. I have my son who lives in Houston get me a bottle whenever I need it. You only use a small amount in a margarita, so it lasts quite a while.

Updated 08/09/08