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ARRACHERA: Arrachera exploded onto the Mexican cuisine scene in the late Ď90s. Before that, marinated flank or skirt steak was called carne asada and either of type of meat was used. Now skirt steak (thinner) is for carne asada and the thicker, juicier flank steak cut is used to make arrachera. The marinade is similar as both dishes had origins in Tampico. Nowadays every traditional Mexican restaurant has arrachera on their menu. Itís not served chopped and in a taco like carne asada, but is served as a steak, with sides of beans, rice, guacamole and perhaps a light salad.

CAMARONCILLAS We donít know yet. We know its shrimp and we think it will be wrapped in a flour tortilla with

some other items, Weíll find out for sure when we order them at El Fish Fritanga!

PESCADILLAS are little packets of fried corn dough with fish inside.

FISH TACOS are actually a taco, a piece of fish (not fried) on a corn tortilla.

HUITLACOCHE: A mushroom sauce made from a black fungus that grows on ears of corn in the field. A Mexican delicacy (Mexican caviar!!). How do you pronounce this?  Glad you asked - click here.

TACOS AL PASTOR: Tacos al Pastor are made from pork meat that has been marinated in a secret recipe and then cooked in a rotisserie with pineapple on top. The tacos should be very small (almost like 2 bites size) and garnished with cilantro, chopped onion and the pineapple. Add your favorite hot sauce.

COCHINITA PIBIL: It is indeed made in a pit that is why the Hole in the wall places are the best. It is made from pork sometimes the entire pig or you can just use a roast or leg. It is not shredded, when cooked it just falls apart. It is made in an achiote paste and sour orange marinade then wrapped in banana leaves and placed in the pit of hot stones and coals.

POC CHUC: tender pork loin marinated in a sour-orange sauce, barbecue-style pork

CHICKEN or PORK PIBIL: sweet and spicy shredded meat

PANUCHOS: (appetizer) soft fried tortillas with frijol colado (pureed black beans) and shredded turkey or pork pibil.

SALBUTES are small puffed up tortillas somewhat crisp on the outside. They are topped with meat, most of the time with chicken. They are served with moles, lettuce, and pickled red onions.

RELLENO NEGRO:  aka chilmole. A dark stew made from grilled black chiles, turkey, and sausage.

NI-PEK SALSA: (nose drip) so called because itís extremely hot, based on habanero chiles.

ARABES tacos are available at Tacos Israel. They have a YUMMY flavor associated with the town of Puebla.

Updated 04/17/11