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Important note: Most restaurants on the island are CASH ONLY

Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast from Cancun. It has lots of restaurants, bars, shopping, small hotels, and some great beaches. Here are two websites for general info:

Our snorkeling takes us to Sac Bajo Beach for a buffet lunch.


The prices are regulated, they all charge the same prices, once in a while you might get them to go down a couple of dollars, but that's all. I like to rent from El Sol, they always are good to deal with and the carts are well maintained and because they have the fastest golf carts. They probably reached an astounding 10 miles per hour!! Golf carts are good for 4 persons, max. It is usually $40-45 per day (CASH ONLY), but it is possible to negotiate down to $35 if they are not busy. You must return by 5 pm. I have read that one outfit does now rent carts that will hold six people, might be either Ciro's or El Sol. Golf carts hold 4 adults.  You will need a driver’s license to rent one; they keep it as a security deposit and will give it back when you return the cart. On your map, find El Sol golf cart rental #A69; we have always had good luck with their carts.



Happy hour ALL day!!! 5 Coronas for 60 pesos everyday, all day!! Jax is located across the street from the ocean, but you can still enjoy the view from the second-level balcony. Jax has a really good HUGE hamburger for $7. Most people split it. It is just down the beach from Sergio’s on the corner of Medina.

PLAYA SOL (SERGIO’S), they have SUPER GUACAMOLE; most everything I've eaten at Sergio’s is good. Playa Sol is exactly what you’d expect from a Caribbean beach club. It has a rustic thatched-roof building sitting at the edge of a wide beach, with great service, and good food (in rather large portions). There are free hammocks, beach chairs, and umbrellas for paying food/drink customers. No credit cards

PUBLIC MARKET on Hidalgo St. has many small restaurants with low priced good meals. A few are Carolina, Alexis y Geovanny, San Martin, and Tacostumbras.

BALLY HOO dine on a dock overlooking the water with fantastic fish tacos (3 for $4) for lunch or dinner. It has perfect views, perfect relaxing dim atmosphere and very comfortable chairs with overstuffed cushions and very tasty strong margaritas for $3.75.

LA LOMITA (Little Mountain) is a converted home on the crest of Avenida Juárez. Locals and tourists enjoy Caldo de Fríjol con Puerco (Bean and Pork Soup) giving off aromas of onion, tomato and cilantro, the best chiles rellenos you will ever eat, and Mojo de Ajo Camarones (Garlic Shrimp). Also, a must for all chileheads is Samuel’s hangover cure, Cerveza con Chile Habanero (Beer with Habanero Chiles).

Updated 04/17/11